Cross Culture Jesus

This ministry promotes mission projects around the world.
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“CrossCulture Jesus is a non-profit, inter-denominational organization based in Virginia whose purpose is to promote missions and mission projects throughout the world. Although its founders and directors, Francisco and Sarah Smith, travel to various nations carrying the gospel message, currently CrossCulture Jesus’ overseas base is located in San José Pinula, just outside of Guatemala City, Guatemala.

The Smith’s have a passion to see the children and youth of Latin America, and especially Guatemala, achieve a better future. They know that this will happen as they are taught to apply the Word of God to their lives. Francisco and Sarah also believe that God is doing a new work in Guatemala and calling forth an army of evangelists and missionaries to go out into the world fulfilling the Great Commission. The Smiths aspire to inspire! They are driven to disciple and train others, infusing the fire and passion of God into the lives of those who desire to serve alongside them.”