Message from Cross Cultural Jesus

Dear Pastor Dave,

How are you?  How has the summer in Reedville been?  I miss summers on the Bay.  I spent much of my childhood at my grandparents’ summer home in Reedville—lots of great memories. 

I am attaching a couple of pictures of the academic reinforcement classes for you to enjoy.  This year we have been able to offer consistent classes to help the students get back on track with school.  These classes are once a week, in addition to our feeding center.  We also give them a nutritious, hot drink to fill their tummies during academic class sessions since these classes do not coincide with feeding center days.

This has been a great year for us.  We have been able to identify areas in the lives of our enrolled families that need extra support, and by the grace of God, we have been able to offer that support.

I am planning a trip to Virginia in the fall.  I have several Sundays in October available and wondered if you would like  me to come and share in more detail what my staff and I have been doing this year.  I would be happy to share during the Sunday School hour or the worship hour, whatever works best. I could visit any Sunday except the 22nd.  Or, if you would rather, I could share during a WMU meeting during the week.  

Please give it some prayerful consideration and let me know your thoughts.

Serving Him,