Pastor Neale’s Updates

Billy Burgess is back home from his surgery. The doctors had to remove his kidney and said the tumor was to close to the main artery to remove it. Also the kidney did not look good. They are sending it to pathology to see if it is cancerous. Please pray for Billy to have a quick recovery.

Betty Newsome is now on oxygen and breathing better. She still has a long ways to go and we are praying for her each day. Jimmy is doing very well after his back surgery, take time to pray for both of them.

Cheryl Crowther is now back home from the Hospital and is still now doing well. Please continue to pray that the Dr.’s will find out what can be done for the cancer she has. This is a very difficult time for the family.

Peachy Smith is still seeing Dr.’s to try and determine what is wrong with him. He will be in Richmond next Wed. March 20, for more testing. Pray that the Dr.’s will be able to work out this situation in his life.

Web Site Update

Fairport Baptist Church has now completed our change-over of our Web-Site and we are very happy to be able to make changes as needed each day.  Continue to review each day for more information than before, and updates will be frequent.