Web Site Update

Fairport Baptist Church has now completed our change-over of our Web-Site and we are very happy to be able to make changes as needed each day.  Continue to review each day for more information than before, and updates will be frequent.

Welcome to Pastor Neale’s updates

Susan Armstrong is back in the hospital again having back surgery.  She is having a very difficult time with the last surgery and is having the rods redone because one is coming through the skin.  She has just had this surgery in April and it was followed by a hip replacement.  The surgery for her back is scheduled for today June 23.  Continue to keep her and Buddy in your prayers.

Mae and I would like to thank our church family for all of your prayers during our time of sickness.  We are still recovering, but are on the mend.  Look forward to being in church tomorrow to preach and spend some time with our church family.  Have a blessed day.