Pastor Neale’s Updates

All of those listed below are doing very well, continue to pray for them.

Dan Tippet one of our neighbors in Fairport accidentally shot himself in the leg on Friday, Aug. 31, 2018.  He is in MCV and recovering from this accident.  Please keep Dan in your prayers.

Peachy Smith has surgery on his neck about a week ago and is now home.  He will be seeing his doctor on Tuesday, Sept. 4, for a follow-up.  Continue to pray for a quick recovery.

Susan Armstrong was back in church and seems to be improving from her back surgery.  Also, Buddy is doing good and keeping Susan in check!  Pray for both of them, since they both have had health issues.

Kyle Hall was involved in a Jet Ski accident on Sunday, Sept. 2, and is at MCV where he had to have surgery.  He is going to be unable to do much for the next couple of months.  Please pray for him each day, also, this is J.R. and Faye Halls grandson.



Web Site Update

Fairport Baptist Church has now completed our change-over of our Web-Site and we are very happy to be able to make changes as needed each day.  Continue to review each day for more information than before, and updates will be frequent.