Pastor Neale’s Updates

Please pray for Billy Burgess who has been having some medical issues and is seeing the Dr. and determining what steps to take with his problems.

Dale Hall was told last week that he is cancer free, but will determine if they want to do radiation for precaution. Pray that he will continue to improve each day and that he will not have to take any treatments. Pray for Linda as she is going through this ordeal with her husband, and pray for God’s strength.

Peachy had a colon test done on Thursday, Jan. 31, and at this time waiting on the results. Continue to pray for him!

McKinley Thomas, Mae’s cousin who had spinal surgery last week is now in Shelton Arms doing therapy. Will be there for a couple of weeks.

Jimmy and Betty Newsome: Jimmy had his clamps taken out last Wed. Jan. 23, and is doing very well after his spinal surgery. Pray for Betty who is having problems with a bad cough which is being called a virus. She has received her oxygen tank at this time.