Pastor Neale’s Updates

Because of the rapid spread of the Coronavirus Fairport Baptist Church will be canceling all Sunday Services for Mar. 15, and Wednesday Mar. 18. We will be providing updates as to what we intend to do for the following week of Mar. 22. Remember that this virus is spreading rapidly in our nation and we need to take every precaution to keep ourselves safe and healthy. If you need to contact the Pastor please call (804) 761-5776.

Charles Beatty had surgery on Thursday, Feb. 13, for an aneurism which was 6cm. He is now recovering at Memorial Regional. He also has pneumonia! Pray for him and his wife Mary Alice who has been going back and forth to Richmond each day. This has been a very hard time for them.

Frances Trickle needs our prayers, she has lost two brothers in the last month. Very difficult time for her and her family.

Pray for Tab Bass who had back surgery on Wed. Feb. 26. He is now home recovering.

Dorothy Ann Bowen is in the hospital at RGH. She is doing very well and getting therapy to help her walk. Pray for her recovery!

Pray for Zimm, he had shoulder replacement surgery on Monday, March 2. He is now home recovering.